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Breastfeeding Benefits | BabyBella Natural Babywear

Breastfeeding Benefits

Breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to ensure child health and survival. However, nearly 2 out of 3 infants are not exclusively breastfed for the recommended 6 months—a... Read More

Tips For You Mom

As a new parent, you'll be learning something new every day, but you don't have to figure everything out on your own. Sometimes advice from other parents will be exactly... Read More
Tips For You Mom
Breast Cancer Awareness | BabyBella Natural Babywear

Breast Cancer Awareness

 The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, marked in countries across the world every October, helps to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment as well as palliative... Read More

What is GOTS?

  What is GOTS? The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the worldwide leading standard for the manufacture of organically produced natural fibres. It defines environmental requirements to... Read More
What is GOTS ? | BabyBella Natural Babywear
Happy Saudi Arabia National Day 91

Happy Saudi Arabia National Day 91

Saudi Arabian National day is always celebrated on September 23rd. Known locally as Al-Yaom-ul-Watany, it marks September 23rd 1932, when King Abdulaziz announced the unification of the country as a... Read More

New Spring Collection 2021

When designing at BabyBella we concentrate on making a minimal yet chic look that is inspired by the beauty of nature in all its elements.  We have carefully designed our... Read More
New Spring Collection  2021
From the farm to the factory! | BabyBella Natural Babywear

From the farm to the factory!

Our pure organic cotton is GOTS certified therefore all our process and practices are controlled and monitored under the various social and quality certifications in order to ensure a fair... Read More

Interview with the dermatologist consultant, Dr. AmmarAlalola

Did you know that a newborn's skin is more sensitive and prone to some skin diseases? We are here for you. Our experts are here to answer your questions about... Read More
dermatologist consultant, Dr. Ammar - .
Atopic Dermatitis | BabyBella Natural Babywear

Atopic Dermatitis

What is Atopic Dermatitis? In a nutshell, atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema) is a skin condition that can cause general discomfort on an average day. The symptoms are Red Itchy... Read More

Production Process At BabyBella Natural Babywear

When we travelled to India in 2019 we decided to check all the production stages from the farm to the factory to observe all of the phases associated with the development... Read More
Production Process At BabyBella Natural Babywear