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About Us

This is the online store of BABYBELLA NATURAL BABYWEAR

BabyBella is a Saudi brand owned by the Green Bird Enterprise 

Where did the journey start?

The Journey of babybella has been started since 2017 as an idea in Melbourne city and has seen the light at 2018 in Riyadh city as a Saudi brand seeks to contribute in presenting a unique product in the field of children’s clothing industry; through using the organic cotton and natural materials free from harmful fertilises used in planting cotton. 

All our products are produced according to high-quality standards and certified from GOTS and SASO. Our process and practices are controlled and monitored under the various social and quality certifications to ensure a fair product and fair business. 

Why organic cotton?

Because we care about people and our planet. A genuine passion for the soft feel and high quality of natural fibres and materials, as well as general care for our children and environment, is at the heart of BABYBELLA.

 Our message

BabyBella has started with the philosophy of creating a product which is human and earth-friendly. Therefore, organic cotton is the ideal fabric that is suitable for use in achieving our vision. Organic cotton is soft and breathable, best suited for babies that are born with sensitive skin because the cotton was grown and processed without the use of harmful pesticides and chemical-free. We have carefully designed our clothes with attention up to the smallest detail. We chose the softest 100% organic cotton fabric available, gently knitted and sewed by dedicated people with care and responsibility. GOTS certified is important because not only it certifies the quality of the textiles but also stands for the well being and safety of the people who manufacture the clothes all along the way, from growing and harvesting of the cotton to the craftsmen who sew and knit them.

Our values

We care about people and our planet.

We believe that good work takes time.

We listen, we care and we make a difference.

Create a culture of honesty, ethical, and integrity.

Eco-friendly products.

Passion is at the heart of babybella.

Constant improvement.

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